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Messages From The Dolphins

November 6th, 2007 · 5 Comments

Most of my life I have been sensitive to the harm that humans cause one another and our environment through wars and destructive business practices. I have always lived in a way that respected the lives of my fellow man and all the species on our beautiful planet as we are really one interconnected family. Because most humans are so self absorbed and narcissistic we do not take into consideration how the earth’s environment and species suffer when we do act harmfully. And often when one environmentally caring human tries to tell another human that they are causing harm they won’t listen, don’t care, and keep living in harmful ways. So, I kept asking myself how are we humans going to change our lifestyle to supporting the health of our planet, each other and all species when we have so many ego barriers to hearing a message from another human.

And then in 1989 the dolphins swam into my consciousness and began telling me that they had a message to communicate to humans and that maybe humans would, through empathy and personal dolphin experiences, hear the messages from the dolphins since they were not listening to each other. And that is what happened- people began to hear the dolphin messages of love, peace and joy. Why? Because they felt unconditionally loved, appreciated, and a sense of belonging to a human/ dolphin family pod. People woke up to the fact that dolphins are an equally evolved species- highly intelligent, empathic, caring, sensitive, loving, emotional, communicative, happy, aware and deserving to be treated with loving kindness. They began to live their lives with compassion and consideration for themselves, each other and all species.

So let’s pay it forward and get the world leaders and corporate executives that are causing harm to each other, dolphins, other species and our environment to take a long swim with the dolphins and each other. Then they just might hear the messages from the dolphins and learn a new dolphin trick- that of living and sharing with others a life filled with loving kindness towards all beings.

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    Awesome site with good article information. Keep the good articles coming.

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