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My book conveys my own insights as well as the dolphins on the following five subject: true nature, inter-species communication, raising children, our environment, and the folly of war.

Heartfelt Testimonial: ” Realizing now, after reading your book, and feeling more deeply how the dolphins are hurt by our human actions such as sonar testing and war makes me cry and makes my heart hurt and I sort of think I really don’t mind if we humans do become extinct so that the dolphins can live in peace if it does come to that. We can hope to come back to earth as a dolphin I suppose… or maybe we humans can find another planet and let the earth recover for awhile. It does give me some hope for us humans that the dolphins are trying to help us and that they still are loving us and setting a good example for us to follow. Lot’s of love and aloha to you and mahalo for sharing.” Best, Julie

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  • 1 jura // Dec 3, 2007 at 9:16 pm

    hi scott,
    i am so happy to see your site here. it brings me great joy to see your passion of the dolphins!
    much love and aloha~

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