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Swim with the Dolphins and explore the island of Hawaii!

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There is nothing more important in life than to know one’s true spiritual nature. The dolphins know their true nature and spending time with them activates and facilitates the spiritual journey. The energy and presence of the dolphin’s acts as a catalyst that accelerates one’s own personal spiritual realization and when one realizes their own true nature then they will be at peace with themselves and their environment.

Most humans are suffering from physical, emotional, or mental pain and are searching for a remedy that will alleviate their suffering. The dolphins are aware of our human suffering and are available to help on multiple levels. The purpose of the Dolphin Smile organization is to share the world of the dolphins with humans. The energy of the dolphins can assist people to heal not only their physical, emotional, or mental wounds but also the deepest wound of their spiritual heart. To heal means to make whole in body, mind, and spirit. This will occur when one knows that their heart is a precious part of the spiritual unity of true nature—like individual waves emerging from within the infinite ocean of Gods being.

I have been trained as a Reiki practitioner, Alchemical Hypnotherapist, and am a student of the Ridhwan spiritual school. I utilize many energies of alignment, including dolphins, to assist people with their healing process and have been taking people to be with the dolphins since my own dolphin awakening in 1989. I began taking groups to the Florida Keys and for the last fifteen years have been going to the big island of Hawaii to observe the wild spinner dolphins. During this time the dolphins have assisted many people, including myself, with their personal healing.

As humans experience the preciousness of the dolphin species they will take action as dolphin ambassadors to elevate human awareness of dolphins and to help clean up their toxic ocean environment.

It is with deep appreciation, gratitude, and love for the dolphins and true nature that I humbly serve as a tour guide into the magnificent marvelously illuminating realm of the dolphins.

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  • 1 Lynn // Nov 29, 2007 at 1:54 pm

    This was truly beautiful. You are doing us all a great service.


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